I will strive to help you find your color, fit, accessories, and visual principles as you learn to develop the skills that help support a positive transformation for yourself.

As this is the most essential first part of the process since we will discover your needs, wants and desires. In short, we will uncover your inner beauty. This is the road to bringing out your character’s natural colors.

Coaching interview

Every make over starts with a questionnaire as this is the most essential first part of the process since we will discover your needs, wants and desires. In short, we will uncover your inner beauty. This is the road to bringing out your character’s natural colors.

Color Analysis

Color analysis is the art of determining the colors that best fit a person's natural coloring. When the correct colors are chosen, they will harmonize so that you will look radiant, healthy, younger and of course fabulous! This consists of holding and analyzing fabrics near your face until we find the best temperature of colors that look best on you. Once we have completed this process you will understand the extreme importance of finding what suits you best.

The method of "Color Precision" is the most reliable, accurate and personalized process to find what colors suits your shape, natural shades and under tones, as well as current faction trends. It allows us to obtain a precise match while we determine your colors by examining the three chromatic characteristics: the temperature (Warm / Cool), the brightness (light / dark), and the saturation (Bright / Soft) of your customized color scheme.


Body Type and Style

All of us love to dress up! We love to wear clothes that make us look and feel beautiful. However did you know that not all clothing available on the market suit everyone of us equally well? To look your best, you must take time to find out what fits your body type. You should not make the mistake of buying an outfit just because it looks good in the window display or you have seen it worn by others.

People come in all shapes and sizes, so, how do you find clothes that are best flattering to your specific body type? We all learn differently how to dress for our body type. Embracing our body shape is the first step in looking and feeling better. One of the simplest and most overlooked things in the world of clothes and fashion is the ability to know to how to hide your flaws and accentuate your perfections. I plan on helping my clients by using the art of refining their personal or professional appearance to enhance confidence, style, and wardrobe investments.


Good makeup makes all the difference. Whether it is more natural or very visible, simple or extravagant, it can put your face forward, highlighting your strengths and disappear your imperfections. To choose a makeup which will suit you best, I will take into account your personal taste, the results from your color analysis, your accessories, the color of your eyes, your photo-type and your style.

So, you will get the best color tones for your face. All of these steps for make-up choice will be carried out with care and expertise. Everything from your foundation, eyeshadows, and lipstick. All of this will help complete your look to highlight your personality and the image you want to share with others.

This will guarantee a “wow effect” as you walk in the room.

Bridal Image Consulting

Your wedding day is the happiest moment to the beginning of your beautiful story. Positive energy must be conveyed to make this day the perfect day. Wedding image consultancy consist of a various selection of services, which can be chosen depending on one's own necessities.

  • The empire dress or the sheath dress?
  • Bow Tie or tie?
  • How do you get the groom's outfit to compliment the bride's dress?
  • What will your theme and color scheme be?
  • Which one do you choose?

All these questions and many more are legitimate things that a bride and groom need to consider. That's why I propose a complete consultation according to the chosen theme of the wedding. I can also help your guests with their choice of outfits, their makeup, and hairstyle.

Bride image consultancy

  • Color analysis, figure analysis, style analysis;
  • Dress and complete outfit research;
  • Presence of the consultant during dress rehearsal, logistic, appointment management and delivery;
  • Trial of make up and hair styling
  • Wedding Makeup & Hair styling

Image consultancy for groom's relatives, bride's relatives and bridesmaid

  • Color analysis, figure analysis, style analysis;
  • Dress and complete outfit research;

Bridal makeup and Hair

The hairstyle and makeup are essential to enhance the beauty of the bride. The careful coordination of the two is all the more important. The hairstyle will depend on your makeup and vice versa. From simple hairstyles to the natural effect to those complex and extravagant look, I will find harmony between makeup and hairstyle that suits you best and assist you to create an image you dreamed about since you were a little kid.

Thanks to my expertise as a graduate of Alexandre de Paris Academy, I will be able to take care of you regardless of your hair length, your hair cut or your hair type, while considering your desired look. Together we will find the hairstyle that will suit you and the makeup that will enhance your best futures. Taking into account the shape of your face, the nature of your hair, the colorimetry and the accessories that you would have chosen to integrate, it is a true complete beauty that I propose here to make this day the most beautiful day of your life to date!

Closet Reorganization & Clean-up

To organize your life, start with your closet! This service is one of my client’s favorites.

The typical wardrobe is a place of accumulation of what we own and is too full for our needs. Most often we are unable to find anything to wear although we ran out of space in the closet a long time ago. Most people feel lost. From clothes we do not like, to those that do not fit, regular sorting is essential. But where to start? How to go about making this sorting effective? Sorting your wardrobe is not always easy for the owner. There may be attachments to cloths we do not recognize or a simple unconscious hoarding. That's why I offer my services, to do it for you and advise you on tips to carry out this action.

A shopping list is usually created during this process so my clients can replenish what they need to better use what they have. Additionally, knowing what's in your closet will allow you to wear it more often and with better variety of options.

Thus, I propose effective methods of sorting and selection of the clothes to keep. Later you can highlight your favorite items and reasons to keep them and we adapt them to your morphology and personality to separate dispose of those that lost their place in your life. I will also help you match your chosen cloths into new looks sets and accessorize them to create fresh fashion statements while saving on a need to buy more cloths because you are unable to see what is in your closet currently. A seemingly ordinary process, but one that embodies a profound change for the person you have now become. A step, therefore, not to be taken lightly.



Time is money and that's why I propose a personalized support during your shopping in Europe. In Paris, I can help you quickly discover the best shops and good Parisian deals. Your image consultant can help you to boost your style during your shopping.

Moreover, no matter if you are looking for advice on a dress style or if you need a makeover, I can assist you with all of your needs in Paris or elsewhere in Europe. We will discover together your perfect style and customize what you are most passionate about in the fashionable districts of Paris or if you find a dress or designer in other parts of Europe, we can attend it together.

While shopping, we will explore perfume shops, a concept-store, a trendy bohemian chic French brands store, and vintage shop, yet all the while looking for cost effective labels at best prices. If you don't want to lose time and energy by over paying in the trendy stores then I am the one who could really help you to find the best deal for your buck.